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Hey Podcaster! 

Do you deliver a message in your podcast that could impact the lives of many? 
How do you get your message to stand out and make the impact you were meant to make? 

You've purchased the equipment, you've scheduled your guests, you've recorded, edited, and published your episode.

You're now ready for the listeners!

If the...

"If you build it, they will come" is your marketing plan. You may want to consider a plan b.

There are over 750,000 podcasts with over 30 million episodes as of June 2019.

2,000 new podcasts coming online a week.


How do you get your podcast to stand out?

The good news... the fate of your podcast is in your hands.

The key is to rally your network by nurturing existing relationships, build new relationships, be a valued resource, and your podcast is a powerful outlet to do all of the above.

The days of massive opportunities are here and now. Technology puts access to the entire world at your fingertips. It's a matter of using the tools and riding the wave of unlimited possibilities.

What most don't realize is that producing a podcast requires a significant amount of time and brain power. 

There is so much that goes into producing the podcast alone...

What is often overlooked is the important step of building and nurturing a community of active and engaged listeners around the podcast.

When I personally gave podcasting a go. I quickly realized after hours spent on booking the guest, coordinating schedules, outlining the episode, recording, editing, show notes, pulling promotional clips, promoting the show, the episode, social media, emails, articles, blogs... 

Podcasting is a lot of work and it's not a solo project.

Well, if want to do it right.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was seeing that there are massive amounts of audience building golden nuggets that are a content creators dream sprinkled throughout one episode.

How do you extract those golden nuggets and use them to shout from the roof tops that your podcast is the place to be?

This is where I come in.

I'm Natalie Klun the founder of Lady Influencer.

As a podcaster you are an Influencer. You have a particular niche and a particular audience that you want to serve.

Lady Influencer was founded with the intention to support Influencers like yourself.

You've taken the time to create your podcast.

Let us help you minimize the time needed to build and nurture your network, provide you with exactly what to say, and maximize those who you are meant to serve via your podcast.

The proven strategy to becoming a successful Influencer is to find your niche and your audience, set up your outlet, develop a social media and audience building strategy, create great content, be consistent, promote, engage with your audience, and collaborate.

Source: Forbes

Take Gary Vaynerchuk for example... 

Love him or hate him. He's the perfect example of what it means to find your niche, your outlets, and consistently provide value. Give, give, and give some more by creating and distributing value based content. 

He's built a media empire and has a net worth of $50 million. 

How are you demonstrating value and what tools are you using consistently to build and nurture your network?

What most understand, but struggle to implement is to consistently attract, engage, nurture, and provide value using social network.

The reason why most podcasters struggle to get their messages heard is that they don't have the time and they don't know how to articulate their message in a way that builds and nurtures a community around their business.

How do you remove these obstacles and make the impact that you’re meant to make?

This is where we come in... 



Schedule your free & no obligation Grow Your Influence call. The purpose of this call is for us to get to know you and you get to know us. 


Complete a questionnaire to tell us what results your are seeking to get by Growing Your Influence. 


Upload your episode or episodes. 

We'll get to work

We'll take your episode and turn it into high quality articles written in your voice and speaking to your audience.

We'll add super powers to your articles as they will become double agents as your website blog posts, and email newsletters. 

We'll create the article and blog social media posts and post descriptions including the branded images.  

We'll add super powers to your social media engagement by creating for you conversation starter posts and images that will spark conversation around your podcast. 

We'll create audience building video scripts so you can utilize the super power of live video. 

We'll add super powers to your live video by taking one video and turning it into three. Plus a simple process to add the very important subtitles to all your videos. 

We Deliver to you

Engagement and promotional assets that will be specific to growing and nurturing your network, your audience, and your business.  


Your assets will require minimal investment of time requiring 5 minutes or less a day and 30 minutes or less a week to put to work. 

A complete step by step guide on how to get the most out of your assets. Designed for the solopreuneur and the team builder in mind. 

Get started today!

Schedule your free & no obligation Grow Your Influence call. During this call we'll take time to get to know each other, you'll give us an understanding of where you are needing support and what your desired results would be. If we are a good match we'll share with you next steps.

"Our mission is to provide Influencers like you with network building and nurturing assets that requires 5 minutes or less a day and 30 minutes or less a week to put to work so you can grow and nurture you network. Helping you make the impact you were meant to make!"

Natalie Klun
Founder of Lady Influencer

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